Before travelling to Bangkok your passport’s validity should be of at least of 6 months. Then you can plan for travel from India to Bangkok.

Lets have a look how much it will cost you from India to Bangkok in 2021

Name Costs ( in Indian Rupees )Remarks
Flight 16000/- ( Indian Rupees for Both sides )Compare the cheapest flight cost at and book your flight from other travelling websites
Hotel/ Hostel650 /- ( Indian Rupees, Per Day for solo traveller )

Search hotel/hostel in the area of Silom ( Nearest place to Nana Plaza ) best for solo traveller, and book from Oyo Rooms
Currency Exchangelowest currency exchange costGo to the western union branch outside the Airport
Visa2000 Thai Bhat ( 4710 Indian Rupees )Download Thailand visa on Arrival form, fill it and keep it with your documents for further reference before boarding.
At Indian airport, you have to show only return tickets and Passport. They can ask you ” how much cash do you have” before giving boarding pass. You have to show at least 10,000 Bhat ( 23,500 Indian Rupees ) on that Airport.
Then after you have to fill Arrival cum Departure Card
Submit all documents (i.e visa on arrival form in which your photo is paste with signed signature , your return ticket, hotel voucher ( Booking Slip ), Departure card, which you have filled on the flight and you passport with minimum validity of 6 months ) to the counter of visa on arrival.
Now, you will be called, as your token number come. As soon as your number comes, reach the counter. They will return your passport after putting the stamp on it.
Now, you have to go to the Immigration Line for scan your all fingers and thumbs. After completing your Immigration process, first of all you have to buy a sim card
Sim Card299 Thai Bhat ( 705 Indian Rupees )After completing your Immigration process, first of all you have to buy a sim card. You can buy a ‘ Truemoveh’ Sim card outside the Airport. You will get 23 GB of data for 8 Days.
( Option 1)
Suvarnabhumi Airport to Phaya Thai By Metro
45 Thai Bhat ( 106 Indian Rupees)You can travel by metro from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Phaya Thai. Then you have to travel by metro from Phaya Thai to Phloen Chit
Phaya Thai to Phloen Chit By Metro27 Thai Bhat ( 65 Indian Rupees )Then you have to travel by metro from Phaya Thai to Phloen Chit. You can reach your pre booked Hotel/ Hostel near by Nana Plaza by walking at a distance of 300- 500 meters only.
( Option 2 )
Don- Muong Airport to Mochit Metro
30 Thai Bhat ( 71 Indian Rupees )As soon as you come out from Don-Muong Airport, you can get Bus number A1. You have to travel for Mochit Metro.
Mochit Metro to Phloen Chit44 Thai Bhat ( 103 Indian Rupees )You can travel by metro from Mochit Metro to Phloen Chit and same you can also reach your Hotel/Hostel by walking distance.
You have to show your booking receipt and passport at booking counter of hotel.
At Hotel/ Hostel Booking Counter200 Thai Bhat ( 471 Indian Rupees )They will collect your scanned copy of your passport some advance deposit money ( Depending upon the policy of particular Hotel/ Hostel.
Check-In time is 02:00 PM, you can not do check- in before 02:00 PM ( Bangkok Time).
After Check-In , Take the rest at your room for next activities.

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