Pile Foundations

If soil at or near the ground surface is not capable for supporting a structure i.e bearing capacity of soil is low, then deep foundations are required to transfer the loads to deeper and harder strata.

Necessity of Pile foundations:-

  1. when the soil having low bearing capacity.
  2. when the plane of the structure is irregular in load distribution.
  3. when water table level is high
  4. when there is a chance of soil erosion or scour.
  5. If there a chance of high volume change in rainy season like as volume change in black cotton soil or expensive soil.

Classification of Piles:-

Piles may be classified on the basis of function

End Bearing Pile:-

It is used to transfer superstructure’s load to a suitable strata of soil by end bearing.

Friction Pile:-

This pile transfer load by means of skin friction.

Compaction Pile:-

This pile is used for compaction and for increasing density of loose granular soil for increasing bearing capacity of soil.

Tension Pile:-

This pile is used in to anchor down the structure subject to uplift due to hydro static pressure.

Anchor Pile:-

It is used to provide anchorage against horizontal pull from sheet piling.

Batter Pile:-

It is used to resists large horizontal and inclined loads.

Classification based on materials.

Steel Pile:-

It is made tick pipe or rolled steel, H-section and these are driven into ground with their ends open or closed.

Concrete pile:-

It is made of cement concrete. these are either pre cast or cast in situ.

Timber Pile:-

It is made of timber and having low bearing capacity.

Composite Pile:-

It is made of the lower portion of steel and the upper portion of cast in situ concrete.

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