Soil Samplers

Split Spoon Sampler:-

This is most commonly used sampler for obtaining the representative disturbed sample of the soil. It consists of three parts named driving shoe is made of steel and 75 mm long in size., steel tube about 450 mm long split into two halves and coupling is about 150 mm long.Inside diameter of the split tube is 38 mm and outside diameter is 50 mm.

After the bore hole and cleaning it, the coupling of sampler is attached to the drill rod and lowered into the bore hole. sampler with assembly is driven into the bore hole by repeated blows of a drop hammer. After then sampler is withdrawn. Then coupling and driving show is separated from the tube, and sample is taken out from the split tube.

Split barrel sampler SPT

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Thin walled Sampler:-

It is made of seamless steel. The outside diameter of the tube is between 40 to 125mm. The bottom part of the sampler is sharpened and bevelled, which acts as a cutting edge of sampler. The area ratio is less than 15% and the inside clearance is between 0.5 to 3%. The length of the sampler is 5 to 10 times the diameter for clayey soils and the thickness of sample.

Sampler is attached to the drilling rod and placed at the bottom of the bore hole. Then it is pushed into the soil without impact or twisting at a constant rate. After 5 minutes of pushing the sampler into its final position, the tube is turned 2 revolutions to shear the sample off and then sampler tube is taken out from the bore hole.

Piston Sampler:-

it consists of a thin walled tube with a piston inside. Sampler is lowered to the desired depth, the piston is prevented from moving downward by suitable arrangements. Sampler is pushed into the soil to obtain the sample, piston is remain in contact with the top of sampler. During the pushing of sampler, vacuum is created on the top of sample, which help in retaining the sample.

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